Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kiddie Story 365 - A place where storytellers can collaborate

From the Website - 

"Kiddie Stories 365 is all about imaginative, simple and easy to narrate stories for kids. But they are not only for parents to tell their kids. It is also for teachers to teach, challenge and strengthen children academically. It is also for authors and cartoonists. And even those who want to rediscover their childhood.
Stories help people to connect. It teaches and tells. And it grows our imagination. As a parent I am asked by my child to tell her a story everyday. When she is bored with this 365 Fairy Tales then it is about a topic of her choice. And for each I try and weave in learning too. After all this is the age when children grasp the most and learn the most. While some are easy to spin, for some I have had to wonder what story to tell her. Hence this site."

I love the idea of continuing the time honored practice of teaching through story. It is intricate that we focus on 
new technology to continue time honored techniques. The internet and the digital age are here to stay and if we want stories to be a major part of our child's life we need to combine digital technology and reading whenever possible. If your child reaches for your tablet every time they sit down make sure it is filled with ebooks and websites that nurture their growth. 

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