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Kickstarter Campaign for a really excellent set of Children's books! Help these two creative minds get their ideas into the world.

I love the idea of a kickstarter campaign for children's books! What is more important then spreading the love of reading to children? Please help them if you can! Read all about the ChinyChin project below - from ChinyChin.
"We are ChinyChin, comprised of a writer, Neah Winters, and a voice over artist, Geoffrey Resnick.  We are here on Kickstarter to raise the funds that it will take us to promote our first 5 narrated eBooks + one of these in print. In a nutshell, we need eye-catching illustrations, development of an awesome website, creation of the picture book, plus worldwide distribution and the financial ability to carry out our marketing plan.
We have been working on these first 5 stories as eBooks to get our company off and rolling.  In addition, we have chosen one, "A Salty Treasure," that we would love to see as an always-popular hard cover picture book.  This will be beautifully illustrated in watercolor (see image below) as a fun, rhyming story about a brother and sister who find a bottle floating in a river.  They discover that there is salt water inside and their curiosity leads them to the ocean.
 "The birds were soaring high on a cheery, warm spring day.
We hurried up and ran outside,
Not a care got in our way."

A Salty Treasure
A Salty Treasure
"Up the river from the ocean, past the smelly mill,
It drifted to our treasure cove
And didn't even spill!"
"Hickory Horse" is an extremely kind horse who was born under a Hickory tree, and amazingly the tree leaves transferred to his mane and tail!  He finds some forest animals visiting the farm and escorts them back to their homes for the night.  Narrated with characters, and this one makes a nice bedtime story!
"The Talking Space Monster" has a great character voice that is so fun for kids to hear.  This monster starts with a hole in his tummy, then gets a patch so he can eat and grow big and strong.  Emphasis is on eating nutritional meals and includes a bonus recipe (with tiny green aliens - zucchini) at the end.  Yum!
"Runaway Lollipop" is highly entertaining when you follow the rolling "Popsie" (his name once he loses his stick) on his day-long adventure.  He finds similar "circle" friends to hang out with, but, in the end, the dog gets the last lick!
In "The Blurry-Eyed Parrot," this bird finds it hard to see the chalkboard in school.  Why is the teacher writing with "fuzzy chalk"?  He moves to a seat closer in class, but, it doesn't help.  Finally, he discovers that a cool pair of glasses are in order...and whaala!
We are targeting kids in the preschool - K range with a variety of stories that children this age can easily understand.  Our stories have a gentle blend of real life mixed with a world of imagination.
Here's the best part - we are taking these delightful children's stories and sprinkling them with full character narration when applicable.  A basic narration style suits others.  By creating more of a simple eBook, and not a distracting interactive experience, the child will be able to listen to, or read, a wonderful story full of charm! Our primary thought process in creating these books is just good, old-fashioned reading enjoyment for children, with a twist of fun narration. 
We enjoy creating all different types of stories, so you will not see any two alike.  For instance...
...some are rhyming, some have animals, maybe there's a surprise, or friendship and playtime.  You will see things like an adventurous lollipop living life to the fullest or a space monster stating the importance of eating veggies.
The Talking Space Monster
The Talking Space Monster
The characters appeal to both boys and girls and some stories have great bedtime endings.  All stories are fun and keep the child's attention through easy-to-follow story telling.  They have been thoroughly tested on our inspirational kids ages 2 and 5!  ☺
Our goal of $16,700 is comprised of the following expenses:
Illustrations = $3200
File conversion for all eBook formats = $2800
Company branding/logo design = $400
Website/hosting = $700
Global distribution = $1200
Marketing/blogging = $2100
Hard cover print book = $4800
Rewards = $800
Fees = $700
We already have over 7 more books written and waiting for illustrations!  Once we get these first 5 eBooks going, we'd love to fill our website with many others for kids to enjoy.
Speaking of up and is an audio clip from one of our next books, "Larry the Llama Loves the Letter L" where there are lots of 'L' words!
In addition, we have plans to translate our books into other languages around the world.  We love working on this project and are passionate about creating these books and eBooks for children.  We hope we have sincerely expressed this to you.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

The children's book market can be competitive, no doubt. We've done quite a bit of research involving eBook creation and marketing and have found a distribution company that is solid and reputable. We look forward to being able to work with them to produce our children's eBooks including appropriate text highlighting. To help our book sales, their global distribution channels include all of the big league companies such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Google Play.
We feel confident that once it's in their hands, it's smooth sailing from there! Well, then there is the marketing...but, we've got that covered, too! With a great website and some wonderful blogging, ChinyChin will be on everyone's "go to" list for fabulous children's books!!"

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