Saturday, April 26, 2014

Free Fully Illustrated Children's Ebook! Free today on Amazon!

Eat Your Vegeatbles and Other Tales I find perfectly strange: A set of absurdly original tongue twisters and some gems lost in the public domain

Free today! A set of absurdly silly tongue twisters sure to tickle your
and your child's funny bone!

How fast can you say
"Zombie zucchini zone watching zippy zigzagging zebras"

If the the phrase got you to silently giggle wait until you see the absurd full page illustration!!

The book is fully illustrated with 13 original tongue twister and an array of gems lost to the public domain.  This book is a great precursor to a more traditional bed time tale.

I would love to read and review your children's books with my almost 4 year old twin boys!
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