Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Helpful Monsters

I reworked and cleaned up my Helpful Monsters field guide. It is now a field guide with helpful hints for little monster hunters. I am really pleased with the changes and excited to be working in Photoshop and illustrater again.

My children's favorite monster is the Sock Monster. I really revamped the layout of the books and am really pleased with the outcome.  I added a field guide diagram
motif to the images. Used a grid overlay to give a scientific sketchbook feel and added basic notes to help little monster hunters. I hope this adds to the interaction
between the book and my boys.

Another addition at the back of the book is an
activity area. I added a count the cuddle bugs page.
A maze that asks the reader to reunite the sock monster
with his socks and a name the helpful monster book.
These extra pages are just experimental. I will try them out
on my boys later today to check how they are received.

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